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Company Profile

Indoprima Advisa Management is management consultancy dedicated to improving business performance. We concentrate on developing leadership and management skills among our client’s front liners to increase revenue and reduce cost, while improving the customer experience. Our focus is on changing behaviour, habits, and business practices with effective training and tools designed to improve productivity and differentiate our clients from their competitors in the eyes of their customers. The company was established in 1990 with the objective of:

  • Providing services to both public sector and private interests with particular strength in the development of both Co-operative and SMEs in Indonesia.
  • Providing highest quality management consultancy to clients with parallel commitment of enhancing and supporting Indonesia’s development through advancement in technology and human resource development.


Since its commencement, Indoprima Advisa Management has been actively involved in growth management of various businesses and organizations through development and maintenance of their comprehensive information support system.

Our project methodology and implementation skills deliver measurable results that are time tested for sustainability with an emphasis on:

  • Employee Participation
  • Open Communication
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Visual Business Analysis
  • Cost Reduction
  • End To End Process Improvement
  • Saving Time
  • Sales Performance


In assuring conduction and completion of services to meet, if not exceeds, client’s expectations, Indoprima has stayed focus on delivering highest quality of technical assistance with emphasized dedication to client’s complete satisfaction.

Based on this philosophy, Indoprima has been consistently trusted to perform its expertise to a number of international institutions including the WEConnect International, World Bank, ADB, GTZ, CIDA, IDRC, APCTT, and OECF, as well as various ministries and departments within the Government of Indonesia.

Directly relevant to this Project Indoprima Advisa Management’s capabilities include:


  1. Training organizer
  2. Training material and curriculum development
  3. Education institutions development
  4. Entrepreneurship training
  5. Training program and fellowship
  6. Manpower planning
  7. Education administration