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Our Experts

Peter G. Harlamon
Expert Consultant

Peter G. Harlamon is seasoned consultant with 27 years of experience assisting financial, manufacturing, and government organizations improve their performance. Peter has utilized his organizational behavior and project management skills to direct and manage projects for clients that delivered cost reduction and waste elimination, improved customer experience by reducing turnaround time in customer critical processes, and increased revenue by improving sales productivity .The result of these engagement helped clients realize tens of millions in saving s and revenue generation. He has managed both small and large scale project and earned a reputation for on time delivery within budget. Peter has worked overseas 18 years of his career implementing sustainable change management programs in different cultures and business environment by building management consensus, and cooperative relationships with clients. He earned his MBA at the University of Hartford with a concentration in International Business.

Representative Client Assignments:

  • Co – directed a retail branch banking transformation project for an International Bank USD 23B headquartered in London, England, saving were in excess of USD 60 million, with measured improvements in customer/ operational service and revenue capture. Responsibilities included managing project deliverables, budget and project staff (90 staff). Project duration was five years.
  • Expert consultant to International Bank headquartered in London UK  with bank operations in Indonesia to improve operational excellence by implementing lean thinking  concept and six sigma tools to improve metrics that reported on customer performance. The program objective was to outperform and out serve the competition in the eyes of the customer and provide an outstanding customer experience.
  • Conducted a sales capacity Analysis for an International Retail insurance carrier at their Indonesia Center to determine and implement sales improvement program. Result of program doubled sales performance.
  • Expert consultant to large domestic to large money center bank head quartered in Jakarta to implement Rapid Improvement Event based on lean management and six sigma principles to improve operational and service performance. Improve TAT and reduce errors while developing a customer centric culture. Implement Critical Success Factors and key performance indicators that supported project objectives.
  • Directed and managed a performance improvement project in Indonesia for an International Bank headquartered in London, UK. Project scope include analysis and implementation to improve revenue per staff cost. Saving were realized through cost reductions increased revenue generation, and reduced process cycle times for key products. Within one year from project commencement a 20% improvement in revenue per staff cost had been achieved and customer critical cycle times were reduced by up tp 70 percent greatly improving customer satisfaction scores.


Shinta Halm

Shinta Halm is a sales-marketing consultant with a succesful track record in marketing, customer service, and sales management assignments over 10 years across various industries in Asia and Europe. Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills provide her with the ability to operate effectively at all levels of the organization. Shinta is goal oriented, driven by challenges and comfortable working in cross-cultural environments. She earned her B.A (Business Administration) in International Business & Management at Arnhem Business School in The Netherlands.

Competencies: Industry Experiences:
- Conduct competitive benchmark studies - Hospitality
- Develop sales plan to exploit market place opprtunities - Manufacturing
- Multi lingual (Indonesia, English, Deutch) - Transportation
- Comprehensive training skills utilizing a one-on-one and small group interactive methodology  


Representative Client Assignments:

  • Developed an innovative marketing approach incorporating cultural traditions with contemporary live performance to create a memorable experience for our corporate clients. Utilized trade shows, exhibitions and other marketing channels to improve our knowledge of client expectations.
  • Developed sales plan for a Dutch Manufacture to exploit niche markets in the USA and Eastern Europe. Increased product awareness and sales as a result of implementing the plan.
  • Conducted a benchmark competitive analysis to determine the market share impact a Merger & Acquisition would have on a manufacturing company located in The Netherlands. This comprehensive study identified market share for each European country. This study was required by E.U (European Union) for M&A approval.
  • Conducted a competitive benchmark Business to Business study for manufacturing company in the Netherlands. Recommendations implemented as a result of the study, increased customer satiscation and provided an improved online experience. Codeveloped a new marketing and service strategy that improved online accessibility.


Acong Dewantoro Marsono 

Acong Dewantoro Marsono is a professional in management, lecturing/ training and consulting in the area of strategic management, financial management and business development. Acong has over 17 years of experience helping organization improve their strategic goals, whether it is manufacture, government, education, or financial sectors. Excellent communication, interpersonal, learning, strong analytical and knowledge sharing skills give him with the capability to work throughout all organization level. Acong earned his MBA at the Catholic University of Leuven Belgium with focuses in Business Economics and Financial Management. He is holding a CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

Competencies: Industry Experiences:
- Set up strategic plan - Education
- System for effective management - Government
- Financial Planner - Bank
- Quality management - Manufacturing
- Comprehensive training and research skills - Insurance


Representative Client Assignments: 

  • Conducted analysis and evaluation of strategic plan implementation for a local government.
  • Conducted a training project on corporate credit analysis for a small retail bank. This training performed for account officers as a results of training need analysis.
  • Conducted analysis and directed project to set up fund channeling model to improve accessibility of SME to the Bank. This comprehensive study identified some channeling model for different SME’s need.
  • Directed and managed a project to set up and implement a financial system in SME. This project duration was 2 years.
  • Set up and implementeation of ISO Quality Management System series 9000 and 14000 in manufacturing and financial sectors.